Make your pallets mobile

Innovative and customizable solutions to automate the transportation of almost everything.


Products for automation

We are specialized in building customizable solutions to transport pallets, containers and other (un)packed materials, depending on your need. Our products vary in payload, size and color and additional securence such as guiderails and fixtures can be added where required.

Pallet forks

Maneuverable pallet forks that makes it easy to move your pallets anywhere in your facility.

Shelf base

Transport pallets, containers and and other transporting in all kinds of applications.


Case examples

Together with our customers, we create solutions that suits their needs and their facilities.

Automated attachment of MIR robot to pallet fork PS1
Automated undock of MIR robot to pallet fork PS1


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Improving through innovation

About KK-Tech

KK-tech follows the vision of improving the usual way of doing things and create solutions that had not been tried before.